August 9, 2009

Eyes Lips Face Mineral Lipstick

I've had several of these lipsticks and initially I was a bit disappointed as the colors were not as I expected and very similar. I recently picked up two new colors, Natural Nymph and Runway Pink (although mine says "RunAway Pink"!). I think that Runway Pink is one I will wear a lot. It is a neutral light pink/ beige color that looks nice on its own. Natural Nymph almost comes across as concealer on my lips since I have such fair skin. I have paired it with darker colors and am pleased with the outcome, but I don't think I'll be inclined to wear this one solo.

Nicely Nude is a popular light pink shade, and I do like it, although I prefer Runway Pink since it is lighter, without shimmer, and has more opaque coverage.

Overall, I do like these lipsticks. They are moisturizing, come in pretty colors, are packaged nicely, and are very affordable. I ordered two more of my most recent purchases- I think that shows how much I like them!


  1. they look nice!!! :) thanks for the swatches!!

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