August 22, 2009

ELF Mineral Primer v. UDPP

I don't have oily lids, but I always use UDPP to make my eye shadow more vibrant, and yo make it last all day. I love UDPP and for this reason I have never tried any other, until I saw a .15oz tube of primer for $3 on

Immediately after applying:
Above I am wearing several NYX eye shadows, along with ELF Mineral Liner in midnight, set with a NYX shadow.

After 12 hours of wear:Above, very very minimal creasing occurs on the EMP side. Both sides show eye liner transfer, although it it slightly more noticeable on the EMP side.

The bottom line:
Both are sheer, light skin tone colors, although the EMP is a thinner formulation. The UDPP is more sticky; therefore, eyeshadow adheres to it more easily and appears a bit more vibrant in color. Based solely on performance, I prefer the UDPP. For those looking for a better buy, you really can't beat the EMP.

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