September 23, 2009

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick


I have seen these new lipsticks mentioned a few times on blogs and in a few youtube videos, and I snatched up two colors at Walgreen's today (They were having a BOGO sale). I purchased "Born With It" and "Pink Please". BWI is definitely my favorite.

Born With It: A pretty, neutral light pink color with very subtle silver shimmer. I can feel the shimmer texture a bit on my lips but it is not bad.

Pink Please: A light Pinky/ Peach cream color.

As far as the formulation is concerned, I really like these! They are shiny and creamy, without being too thin and slippery. I find that I dislike the finish of most lipsticks and tend to apply gloss over the top- but these are both opaque in color and a bit glossy at the same time, so I like this lipstick worn alone. On top of that, they stay in place- no lip liner is required! My only complaint would be the taste. They have a slight vanilla/ floral (non- sweet) waxy taste, that kind of reminds me of a generic bar soap. Not too bad though.

My opinion on the packaging is that it is very cheap and is liable to break if thrown carelessly into a handbag. The plastic base of the tube has a silver coating that is bound to chip off, and the cap is made of a translucent red plastic that I envision cracking and/or shattering easily.

48 shades are available. Make sure you look at the lipstick bullet because the color swatches on displays and stickers are always horribly misleading!

All in all, definitely worth it and highly recommended!

September 21, 2009

10 Random Facts Tag

I was tagged by Sparkling.Pink.Gorilla (go check out her blog!) to do the "10 Random Facts" Tag.

*A'hem* Here Goes:

1. I get really nervous seeing men shave their faces in movies. I start to feel queasy, concerned they will cut themselves. Recently I asked my BF if I could try shaving part of his face and I was so nervous I couldn't do more than a few swipes of the razor! I watched him finish and felt really uncomfortable the entire time- I guess I can't handle seeing men shave in real life, either! Funny thing is, I am not bothered by Gillette commercials. Perhaps it is difficult to take those buff, metro sexual topless dudes seriously.

2. I am double jointed in my thumbs. I had no idea about this until 3 years ago. I was sitting in class and my friend Ivo pointed out to me that my thumbs were bent backwards. I thought everyone could do that- apparently not!

3. My first youtube video was an 8- minute film I did for a film class project. It was called "Beauty Isn't Everything" and it was about this young rich couple wasting money on worthless art (essentially blank canvases). It was very very corny but a good experience- I learned the basics of movie making.

4. I really can't understand why the youtube beauty community seems to be centered around MAC products. I do think MAC makes many good products, but I think the brand is way over- hyped. Especially in the tools category. So far, I have not found a MAC brush I prefer to use over less expensive versions from other vendors.

5. My favorite shoe is the "Mary Jane" style. I have purchased several pairs of TUK/ Tredair shoes and I like them in both flats and heels. My first expensive pair, however, were Doc. Martens in 10th grade. They were wing-tip double straps in the color "peanut". I loved them so! The pair you see below I have had for about 5 years:

6. I lovvvveee to cook and for a time the only television I watched was the food network. I even contemplated submitting an audition tape for their "Next Food Network Star" show but the timing overlapped with my last term in school/ graduation. I also feel I am not experienced enough, so for now it is a hobby- possibly something I may explore more on youtube :)

7. I used to have reoccurring nightmares about my teeth. In some dreams they would shatter, in others they would fall out. After awakening, I would be so happy all my teeth were still in place!

8. I am not that big on online social networking. I made my myspace page in 2003 when I was 19, and before that I had livejournal. I think that having a very busy life prevents me from getting sucked in! Although I worked and went to school, I had a bit more time then. Now--- not so much!

9. I like to grow herbs. I used to have a blog on CasaSugar before they created the "OnSugar" Network, and a few of my posts were ongoing photos of the life and demise of some of my herbs.

10. I used to think I hated cats- but no more! My boyfriend's cat, Grace Jones, has really grown on me. I did not grow up with pets; thus, I didn't understand how much value they can add to one's life. I am happy to have grown in this area of my life. I find myself appreciating more the cuteness of all kinds of animals I see out in the world :)

I tag:
Simply Suzy
Blue Bell

September 11, 2009

Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner v. Wet'n'Wild Cream Eyeliner

Shown: Coastal Scents Gel Liner in True Black and Wet'n'Wild Mega Eyes Cream Eyeliner in Black.

Both are very dense, black liners, but the reason I love the Wet'n'Wild cream eyeliner is: long wearability. By the end of the day, the Coastal Scents gel eyeliner has rubbed off onto other parts of my eye, creating a rainbow below my brow bone (even when set with shadow). The formulation of the gel liner is too emollient to wear for a long day, whereas the cream liner dries and barely budges:
Only downside? You MUST use a waterproof eye makeup to remove the Wet'n'Wild cream liner. It will not come off otherwise! I also wish there were more colors available :(

Also! I used the cream liner in my waterline and it is THE BEST waterline liner I have used thus far. It covers all of my pink skin with opaque blackness once it dries and lasts a really long time. The packaging does not specify whether or not it is safe for the waterline, so try this at your own risk. Some would argue that NO eye makeup is safe for the waterline, however!

September 8, 2009

A Moonicure Experiment

The pictures speak for themselves! Here is a quick and easy new way to do a manicure- opps! It's actually called a moonicure... Ooh fancy!

I did this very very fast and did not apply a base or top coat, although I definitely would if this were more than an experiment. I think this would be a great way to extend the wear of an existing nail color, since color tends tend to chip at the tips first :)

Hope you like it!

Base coat- Sally Hansen, Made You Blush. Make sure this is COMPLETELY dry before moving on.

Cut Round Labels into quarters:

Place them on nails. Make sure to secure edges for a tight fit to create a seamless line.

Paint over with a second color. Covergirl, Luxw Lilac.

Peel off labels when the color is fairly dry- allow at least 15 minutes, depending on how long it takes the color to dry. Pulling labels off too early will result in a mess.


Next time I will make smaller moons- these are a bit dramatic for me!

September 7, 2009

Pressing Mineral Blushes and Eye Shadows- Oh Joy!

When I first heard about Everyday Minerals, I knew I had to try the brand. I had been using Bare Escentuals products almost exclusively for 9 years, and didn't think I would ever use another mineral line. At the time, Everyday Minerals offered free "try me" kits that included 3 foundation shades, one concealer, and one blush in sample sizes. In an attempt to find my perfect foundation shade I placed many separate orders for sample sized eye shadows, while also ordering the free sample kit. After many orders I had tons of sample size jars; cumbersome to store, open, and use, I thought I would forget about my lovely eye shadows. Solution?! Press them! Here they are in a 28- Pan palette I purchased from Auraline Beauty (The first 2 rows are eye shadow refill pans- not eye shadows I pressed- see labeling. There is also one ELF mineral eye shadow- see labeling).

Eye Shadows

Once I had the hand of pressing eye shadows, I decided to attempt blush. One benefit of pressing minerals is that the quality and texture of the finished product is often better than drugstore quality, and sometimes comparable or superior to high end brands (if you do it right!)

Blushes and Hilight colors pictured below are all from Everyday Minerals, unless otherwise specified (see labeling).


I would really like to make a video on my pressing "recipe"! I used EZ-Prez (what a horrifying name!) pressing medium, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Tea Tree Oil, and Jojoba Oil in the blushes. Eye Shadows were pressed with EZ Prez and Alcohol, with approximately a 40% EZ Prez to 60% Alcohol ratio.