September 23, 2009

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick


I have seen these new lipsticks mentioned a few times on blogs and in a few youtube videos, and I snatched up two colors at Walgreen's today (They were having a BOGO sale). I purchased "Born With It" and "Pink Please". BWI is definitely my favorite.

Born With It: A pretty, neutral light pink color with very subtle silver shimmer. I can feel the shimmer texture a bit on my lips but it is not bad.

Pink Please: A light Pinky/ Peach cream color.

As far as the formulation is concerned, I really like these! They are shiny and creamy, without being too thin and slippery. I find that I dislike the finish of most lipsticks and tend to apply gloss over the top- but these are both opaque in color and a bit glossy at the same time, so I like this lipstick worn alone. On top of that, they stay in place- no lip liner is required! My only complaint would be the taste. They have a slight vanilla/ floral (non- sweet) waxy taste, that kind of reminds me of a generic bar soap. Not too bad though.

My opinion on the packaging is that it is very cheap and is liable to break if thrown carelessly into a handbag. The plastic base of the tube has a silver coating that is bound to chip off, and the cap is made of a translucent red plastic that I envision cracking and/or shattering easily.

48 shades are available. Make sure you look at the lipstick bullet because the color swatches on displays and stickers are always horribly misleading!

All in all, definitely worth it and highly recommended!


  1. Oh my! This is so beautiful! Looks amazing on you!!
    Can I also say that you have perfect teeth! :) x

  2. @ VampiressDoll: Thanks! You are too sweet. Well... I'll let you in on a secret: 1) I had braces. 2) My front left tooth has a teeny bit of bonding on the bottom because I chipped that tooth in a car accident- a head on collision and my car was totaled! Thank God for cosmetic dentistry!

  3. Woah! You have perfect teeth! You can't tell at all that you had braces and cosmetic dentistry done. They just look naturally perfect!! I am so jealous :)

  4. You mentioned in a YouTube video that you are very fair with pigmented lips--that's me too! I was wondering what color (in ANY brand) you would suggest for doing a nude lip? My lips ALWAYS look pink at the lightest, and I'd like to be able to do the bold eye, nude lip look :)

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