September 21, 2009

10 Random Facts Tag

I was tagged by Sparkling.Pink.Gorilla (go check out her blog!) to do the "10 Random Facts" Tag.

*A'hem* Here Goes:

1. I get really nervous seeing men shave their faces in movies. I start to feel queasy, concerned they will cut themselves. Recently I asked my BF if I could try shaving part of his face and I was so nervous I couldn't do more than a few swipes of the razor! I watched him finish and felt really uncomfortable the entire time- I guess I can't handle seeing men shave in real life, either! Funny thing is, I am not bothered by Gillette commercials. Perhaps it is difficult to take those buff, metro sexual topless dudes seriously.

2. I am double jointed in my thumbs. I had no idea about this until 3 years ago. I was sitting in class and my friend Ivo pointed out to me that my thumbs were bent backwards. I thought everyone could do that- apparently not!

3. My first youtube video was an 8- minute film I did for a film class project. It was called "Beauty Isn't Everything" and it was about this young rich couple wasting money on worthless art (essentially blank canvases). It was very very corny but a good experience- I learned the basics of movie making.

4. I really can't understand why the youtube beauty community seems to be centered around MAC products. I do think MAC makes many good products, but I think the brand is way over- hyped. Especially in the tools category. So far, I have not found a MAC brush I prefer to use over less expensive versions from other vendors.

5. My favorite shoe is the "Mary Jane" style. I have purchased several pairs of TUK/ Tredair shoes and I like them in both flats and heels. My first expensive pair, however, were Doc. Martens in 10th grade. They were wing-tip double straps in the color "peanut". I loved them so! The pair you see below I have had for about 5 years:

6. I lovvvveee to cook and for a time the only television I watched was the food network. I even contemplated submitting an audition tape for their "Next Food Network Star" show but the timing overlapped with my last term in school/ graduation. I also feel I am not experienced enough, so for now it is a hobby- possibly something I may explore more on youtube :)

7. I used to have reoccurring nightmares about my teeth. In some dreams they would shatter, in others they would fall out. After awakening, I would be so happy all my teeth were still in place!

8. I am not that big on online social networking. I made my myspace page in 2003 when I was 19, and before that I had livejournal. I think that having a very busy life prevents me from getting sucked in! Although I worked and went to school, I had a bit more time then. Now--- not so much!

9. I like to grow herbs. I used to have a blog on CasaSugar before they created the "OnSugar" Network, and a few of my posts were ongoing photos of the life and demise of some of my herbs.

10. I used to think I hated cats- but no more! My boyfriend's cat, Grace Jones, has really grown on me. I did not grow up with pets; thus, I didn't understand how much value they can add to one's life. I am happy to have grown in this area of my life. I find myself appreciating more the cuteness of all kinds of animals I see out in the world :)

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  1. OMG that thumb thing is crazy! And I used to have those teeth nightmares also! I actually had one recently where my front teeth were backwards!

  2. lol I can do the same with my left thumb :P

    Great blog!