October 15, 2009

Tarte Treasure Chest- Get It Now!

I had been eyeing several Tarte eye shadow palettes, but when I saw this on Sephora's website I HAD to order it!

The packing is so- so, but I have to say that the silver stitched jewel top of the box looks a lot nicer in person. I may depot these in the future to preserve their integrity.

While the packaging is a bit cheap, the products inside are lovely!

*The Eye Shadows are full size and contain 1.75 grams of product*

Top Row- Shimmer Eye Shadows:

*Please excuse the arm hair! It is blond and not very noticeable in daily life- but a close up photo makes it VERY visible!*

All of these colors swatched beautifully with minimal effort. They are a bit soft and creamy. A few colors required a bit of building, but none were bad.

Second Row- Matte Eye Shadows:

The matte colors overall required a bit more effort to build (minimal effort!) and the only color that had poor color payoff was the white.

Third Row- Lip Glosses:

They are all sheer, moisturizing glosses. Unless you're wanting either a barely- there glossy look or sheer berry or red lips, I would recommend using these over lipstick. Some have a bit of shimmer, some are cream colors.

Bottom Row- Bronzer, Hilight, Blushes:

Obviously these are swatched more intensely to represent the color. All of these had wonderful payoff. I would probably apply the blush with a light hand, both due to the high pigmentation and level of shimmer.

I will do an in-depth review after I've had a chance to wear these for a day. I am sooo excited and can't wait to experiment with the eye colors. I am wishing I had the prior holiday palettes!

So far my only con for this palette is that the Eye Shadows, Blushes and Lip Glosses are unnamed. I am thinking of naming them myself!!! Let me know if you have name suggestions ;)

Picture Info:
All pictures taken with daylight through the skylight in my bathroom.

Swatch Info:
Eye Shadows, Bronzer, Hilight, and Blushes swatched over NYX Concealer in a Jar in Fair. Applied using the ELF eye shadow blush.
Lip Glosses swatched over clean, dry skin. Applied using a lip brush.

From the Sephora Website:

This set contains:

- 16 All New, Full-Sized Shimmering Tarte Eyeshadows
- 16 All New, Full-Sized Matte Tarte Eyeshadows
- 16 All New Tarte Lipglosses
- Best-Selling Mineral Powder Bronzer In Park Ave Princess
- All New Soft Pink Luminizer
- 4 New Powder Blushes

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Petro-chemicals
- Phthalates
- Sulfates
- GMOs
- Triclosans

What else you need to know:
This limited edition, Sephora exclusive bejeweled kit with mirror is an annual best-seller—and this year it's 30% bigger for the same great price! The products are dermatologist tested and free of preservatives, gluten, talc, glycols, MEA/DEA/TEA, and formaldehyde donors."


  1. omg!!so cute!!this set contains many things ..love it ;)

  2. Hi :),

    I nominated you for the Blogger Award:


  3. haha!i've never seen anyone apologize for arm hair...it's really not that bad! This "treasure chest" is amazing, thanks for showing us! :)

  4. That's a very pretty palette, especially the shimmery shadows! I wish we had Tarte over here. :(
    LOL arm hair always looks bad on camera, I have blonde fluff and it looks real dark on cam... oh well hahaha. x

  5. Sparklingpinkgorilla and VampiressDoll: lol. well i figured there might be a person out there who would comment about it! i am glad you aren't judging my hairy arm hehehehe ;) Yes- the palette is great! I noticed Sephora touting this as "sephora only" but you can also get it on Amazon. I don't know if it would be available in other countries then.

  6. Bluebell: Thank you for nominating me! I will go through all the rules and post today ;)

  7. I just received my treasure chest today and it is really beautiful. The pigmentation of these shadows are far superior to many of my MAC shadows. Unfortunately it was shipped to me damaged, I called Sephora to make a formal complaint and it looks like I'm going to be returning it via UPS. Has anyone else had this problem?

  8. MyFavoriteWeapon: That is tragic!!! Mine shipped with tissue on top and bottom inside the box. I did read on Sephora that a woman who bought one in-store had a shattered shadow. I would think ordering straight from Sephora would prevent that since less people would handle the box- but apparently not! I hope your replacement isn't damaged, and I hope Sephora gives you some extra samples as compensation!

  9. What makes the situation truely tragic is that it didnt get damanged during shipping, but was shipped to me damaged from the warehouse. When I removed the first layer of tissue I found the Tarte box to be completely covered in shadow. It took a good half hour of cleaning before I could use it. The shadow that shattered was the light peach matte shade (third shadow down on first row) Although I feel like it is unfair for me to pay full price for a damaged item, I did read on sephora that they were selling fast, so I'm not sure if I want to chance returning only for them to be sold out. It's not a color that I would miss, but at the same time I want the option to use it. I checked out the Tarte website to see if they offered the color individually only to find that the brand has outsourced to China, and are limiting themselves to small kits, and not so much individual items. Tarte seems to have really changed direction.

  10. These swatches are fabulous! Thank you... I am really lemming this now!

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