November 27, 2009

Seeking Your Hair Advice!!!

I need your advice! I really need to cut my hair... I am currently growing out an a-line bob, and I'm trying to decide if I should maintain this look, or do something different entirely!

Things you should know about me and my hair:

(1) My hair is a fairly low priority. I like to have a style that requires little work to maintain and/or style (i.e. if I decide to roll out of bed and do nothing, it doesn't look too horrible).

(2) I enjoy having hair that is long enough to pull back into a ponytail, but am willing part with this convenience when it is short.

(3) My hair isn't colored, so I would say it is in healthy condition, with the exception of the ends (which are a bit heat damaged and ravaged from cutting and thinning my hair myself)

(4) I have mixed texture hair. Some hair is baby fine, while other hairs are more on the coarse side.

(5) My hair is fairly straight, but has a little bit of awkward wave in it if I don't straighten it.

(6) I avoid at all costs blow drying my hair. I maybe do this less than 10 times a year, and only if I have no other option! (I usually wash my hair at night and air dry it).

(7) My hair is pretty thick and I usually feel like stylists never thin it out enough. I actually bought a pair of thinning shears to take some of the weight off, but I'd really prefer a professional take care of this for me, as I have no idea what I am doing when I hack away.

(8) I would like a style that works with my face shape. I think I have somewhere between and round and square face? I feel like I have to be careful to pick a cut that won't make my face look fuller...

With that said, below are some styles I have had in the past. Please give me some suggestions! I am thinking I might want to try bangs again, but I am not sure how that would go with the shorter hair I currently have.

Short A-Line Bob:

In this style, my hair is so short it is hard to style... If not wearing my hair down and straight, I would pin the middle section back, as pictured below (but this gets boring after a while).

Medium Length, with Layers:

Mid Length with Long Layers, Straight with Side- Swept Bangs:

This was my first time wearing bangs since 3rd grade! It definitely took some adjusting. I liked looking different, but I have to say that I hated the obligation of styling my hair every day. I don't think I maintained this style long enough to truly master arranging my bangs, so there definitely days where I felt awkward with the way my hair looked.

Many times (Especially as my bangs grew out) I would slick on a goody headband to avoid doing anything to my hair (you can see my bangs slipping out in the picture below!)

Long (for me!) Hair:

Any advice is welcomed! I am also considering dyeing my hair. But maybe this is a bad idea since I am low maintenance when it comes to my hair? I am kind of sick of the golden hue in my hair- I think I want a more neutral, slightly darker brown...

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


  1. wow you are so pretty! so photogenic :)

    i have curly hair so the thing i covet most in the world is a sleek a-line bob. but i also adore the idea of a side-swept bang to give some structure to the haircut. you look lovely with both... so why not try an a-line bob with a side-swept bang? i think it could be very chic!

  2. Emily: Thank you! This is the exact idea I am pondering... My BF also is into the idea of me having bangs again... So I will think on your suggestion. I appreciate your feedback!

  3. Right now I have an a-line bob that is razored shag with a side swept bang, which I love. I have virgin hair, which is thin yet course and has a weird wave which stylist tend to cut into it. If you hate having to put alot of time in your hair, I would suggest highlights since a full on color is a total bitch to maintain. I think you look beautiful with all hairstyles, but if you want something immediately I would highly suggest a structured shag worked into your bob.

  4. Also, I'm pretty sure you would fall under the pear shape category when it comes to facial structure. :)

  5. MyFavoriteWeapon: Thanks! I have had good experiences with razor cuts- I just have to find a stylist who knows how to use one! Also for your feedback about your hair and my face shape! Depending on the angle I really don't know what kind of face I have...!