November 28, 2009

It Had to be Done: De-Potting the Tarte Treasure Chest

Loved the contents.

Hated the packaging.


  1. these are the 28- hole palettes you can get from stars makeup haven or auraline beauty. i removed the foam insert (by spraying each hole with rubbing alcohol to loosen the glue) and glued in a piece of galvanized steel i bought and cut to size... i do this with all of my palettes to magnetize them. and if i am using the 26mm shadows i just put the foam insert back on top of the steel. i have the mac palettes but these are larger, so i prefer them as i can fit so much more inside (and they are plain black! the mac label bothers me!). if you have any further questions let me know, and i can either do a separate blog post on how to make these, or even do a video...

  2. I have the tarte treasure chest, how did you de-pot it? Thanks!

  3. a: I'll do a separate post on that soon! Please check back!

  4. Oh goodness - I am so glad that you showed us this!

    I've been searching the net trying to figure how best to do this without damaging the lovely (and very soft) shadows. I am very much looking forward to the post about how you did this.

    Also - did you depot the lipgloss as well? And if so, how does one do that without melting them?

    Did you destroy the whole package in the process or are there some parts that are salavageable (I actually kind of liked the top part of the palette).

    THANKS in advance for the info you'll be posting!

  5. Stefanie: Hi! The post will be up soon. I couldn't figure out a way to depot the lip glosses, but I personally was more concerned about the powder products! All of the packaging was destroyed, with the exception of the top... I was thinking about turning it into a hand mirror- somehow, but I haven't figured out what I am going to do with it yet!