November 28, 2009

An Epiphany, Thanks to MyFavoriteWeapon

OMG! I have a PEAR face shape.

How is it I have made my way through life never hearing this term? I have heard of square, round, oval, and heart, but never "pear". MyFavoriteWeapon told me she believed I had a pear face shape, so I did a google image search and found this:

And here is the advice for pear shaped heads (via

"The pear shaped face is narrow at the temples,forehead and wider at your cheeks and jawline. If you have a pear shaped face, you should highlight your forehead to create the illusion of width and highlight the area under your eyes on top of your cheekbones and also the tip of your chin.You could contour the jawline and your cheeks to minimize the width too. Ps: Your hairstyle plays a part in balancing your face too. Bangs and hair brushed over your temples can add fullness to your upper half of the face."

While I am concerned about hilighting my forehead and making it any bigger than it already is, I do have to say that I will take to heart the advice for my hair style.

Thank you MyFavoriteWeapon! I am now an expert on my own head shape (hehehe!)!


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  2. I was actually pretty excited when I saw my name mentioned while sitting here in the midnight hour at my desk at work! I'm glad I could help you find your face shape, which you share with Halle Barry. My roommate keeps telling me I should go into the industry, but I think I want to test the waters first with beauty blogging. I was considering posting tutorials on Youtube but I'm a bit worried about putting myself out there, since I feel like it really opens doors into your personal life. What has been your experience with it so far?

  3. Here's a link I found for anyone who would like a better understanding of their face shape. All you need is a measuring tape and you're set!

  4. MyFavoriteWeapon: I think that if you have an inkling it is something you want to do, it is worth trying. You can always delete the videos if you decide it is not right for you. I certainly appreciate your feedback, and can see you have some great advice to offer! Pair that with tutorials, and I am sure you'll get a nice following.

    My little experience, so far, has been pleasant overall. I have had a few weird or negative comments/ messages, but nothing too bad. I don't have enough exposure to get too much negativity on my channel...

    My personal take on it is this: If someone has something negative to say, he or she can say it. We're on the internet... It is going to happen...! I am not going to say that maybe my feelings won't be hurt if a person attacks me, but what can I really do (besides discontinuing video making?)? I am not going to moderate my channel to the extreme or deem it a "hater- free zone" hehehe... It is just not realistic (for me).

    I don't really involve my personal life much and prefer to simply be an informational resource for consumers... You just never know who is out there watching you. To me it isn't safe to reveal a lot of personal information, so I don't!

    If you do decide to make videos on youtube, I hope you'll let me know! Also, I checked to see if you had a blog but didn't see any posts. Are you going to start blogging soon?

  5. I just posted on my blog a few minutes ago. :)

    I need to change the layout. The ultra feminine bright pink is freaking me out.