March 27, 2011

NYX Lip Liner Overview

Over the last couple years I have collected quite a few NYX lip liners. In my opinion, this is NYX's best product. While the textures and pigmentation vary slightly from shade to shade, in general these lip liners are creamy, pigmented, and long lasting. The bonus with these lip liners is the price tag - these are often sold between $2.50 - $4.00 at most retailers that stock them. In short, I highly recommend trying them out.

My favorite shades are: Pale Pink, Nude Pink, Mauve, Rose, Dolly Pink, Burgundy and Coffee.

Pinky Nudes/ Naturals

is light tanned beige color with a warm undertone.
Pale Pink is a cool pastel pink with a hint of beige.
Nude Pink is a warm light peach with a hint of beige.
Natural is a neutral mid tone peachy brown.
Peekaboo Neutral is very similar to nude pink, except it has stronger beige undertones.
Mauve is a mid tone pinkish- brown with a slightly purple undertone.


Tangerine is a light peachy coral with subtle shimmer. This liner is a bit dryer, harder to blend and is not as pigmented as others.
Nectar is a peachy berry color with subtle shimmer. This liner is also a bit dryer, but not as fry as Tangerine.


is a pale frosty pink. This liner is dryer in texture, is harder to blend and is not as pigmented as others.
Citrine is a mid tone warm pink with subtle shimmer. Citrine is dryer in texture, but not as dry as Flower.
Rose is a mid tone warm pink with peach undertones. Rose is very creamy and easy to blend
Dolly Pink is a mid tone cool pink with blue undertones. Dolly pink is creamy, but as creamy as Rose, although it is very easy to blend.
Pinky is a dark hot pink with red undertones. Pinky is very creamy and easy to blend.


is a mid tone orangey red with subtle shimmer. Pumpkin is extremely smooth and creamy, so it is not quite as long lasting as others.
Hot Red is a cherry red that works well with both reds and dark pinks.
Burdundy is a deep wine colored red with neutral undertones.
Deep Purple is a is a very deep wine red with purple undertones.


Coffee is a mid tone peachy brown with neutral undertones.
Cocoa is a mid tone brown with warm undertones.
Dark Brown is a rich, very dark brown with cool undertones.


Pinky Nudes/ Naturals

beige - pale pink - nude pink
natural - peekaboo pink - mauve


tangerine - nectar


flower - citrine - rose
dolly pink - pinky


pumpkin - red
burgundy - deep purple


coffee - cocoa - dark brown


  1. wow great pictures and comparison, this was really helpful. I don't think I have ever used a lipliner though in my entire life. Are they really important?

  2. Hi Justine! I would say that depends on a number of factors (lip size and shape, formulation of the lipstick or gloss you are using, etc.) For someone like myself, with smallish lips, lip liner helps to define and plump the appearance of my lips a little. Some also feel that a red lip liner is essential when wearing a red lipstick - but it really boils down to personal preference. If you've never tried one, NYX liners are a great place to start ;)

  3. You always make the best swatches :) I too don't have much experience using lipliner, but this has gotten me itching to try them. NYX can be hit or miss, but it's good to know they've got a solid product here!

  4. Is tangerine and pumpkin frosty? Looks a lil so,I'm looking for a matte peachy color. Xoxo

  5. Also,is beige frosty? Looks a lil so,not sure which ones to purchase. Xoxo

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  7. Great article ... helped me with my choices. Thanks