March 7, 2011

I'm Beginning Project [X] Pan

I've been away from blogging for several reasons (work, brainstorming for my next blog- which I hope to get up and running by the summer, etc.), but I am back and hope I can keep blogging on a regular basis because it is something I truly miss.

I have purchased a ton of higher-end makeup/ brushes/ skin care in the last 6 months and decided that once I was able to get the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I would begin a Project [X] Pan. I found the Urban Decay Naked Palette in stock last night on Urban Decay's website. As I write this, I have confirmed the site has already sold out (unfortunately!).

I am calling this a "Project [X] Pan" because I am not actually sure how many products I can finish. When I think about getting to the bottom of a blush or eyeshadow pan, it seems impossible... I decided to start with products I just want to get out of my vanity drawers, although there are more that I should be able to finish in the coming months. I am shooting to finish 10- 20 products, depending on how things go.

I put the ones I want to "work on" in this tray so I can remind myself to use them every day:

I am certain I can get through several lip products, so I feel like that will get me off to a good start!

Other food for thought:
1) I am sort of over buying makeup online and in the drugstore. I really got into trying inexpensive makeup (ELF, NYX) in 2009, but as 2010 ended, I felt like I had a ton of cheap makeup that was collecting dust. I went through my stash and tossed a lot and reorganized other items I thought were worth keeping. In the last 6 months I've been getting back into high end products.
2) Hopefully I'll be getting this camera soon, and provided that I learn a bit more about photography, I hope I should soon be posting better quality pictures.
3) I've been considering video-making for my YouTube channel (I deleted all of my videos), but for some reason I just haven't taken the plunge. I have recorded and edited countless "test" videos to A/B lighting and camera settings, but I just haven't wanted to put myself out there yet.
4) I am in my 4th week testing Rapid Lash, and so far, I haven't seen a huge difference. I plan on posting a full review in the next few weeks, with before and after pictures.
5) I am so ready for Spring and Summer! I can't wait to be rid of these gloomy days!

Hope you all are well :)


  1. glad to hear you may be back to blogging! project [x] pan seems like a great idea. i did exactly the same thing the last two years, buying a lot of cheap makeup (mostly E.L.F., some Wet'n'Wild, drugstore stuff, etc.) and now I have a rather embarrassingly huge collection of makeup that I simply don't use because the quality isn't so great. and now i'm on a makeup purchasing moratorium because i have so much (well, at least on Western/Japanese cosmetics, because I'm going to Korea next week and their stuff is too high quality and reasonably-priced to resist...).

    i think i will try to make a project [x] tray too! it makes sense to have that stuff in plain view, instead of the entire overwhelming amount of makeup needing to be used up... :P

  2. Good luck, I have been thinking the same thing about inexpensive makeup, I just get so much and it adds up in the end and I don't even wear it as often as I'd like. I don't think I'm ever strong enough to start a project pan...

  3. We've missed your posts. I love your ambition for hitting pan on X items. Go for it! There are quite a few "el-cheapo" prods in my stash I'd like to use up as well. The new WnW prods are impressive. Much better than in years past. I've been focusing on building my high end WL items as well. :O) Thanks for updating us.

  4. 1xellus1: Aah! I have been very curious about the new WnW palettes, but seriously, they are not sold in Bay Area stores, as far as I can tell. In any event, I technically can't buy then now even if I do see them! They're on my wish list :)

    Emily and Khadija: Thanks so much for your positive feedback and do keep me posted if you decide to start the project too!