March 13, 2011

The New Urban Decay Naked Palette?

My palette arrived so much faster than I anticipated!

Because of the coverage this palette received on blogs, I knew exactly what to expect...

But I was surprised! My palette did not come with the double-ended zero/ whiskey 24/7 eye liner. Instead it came with a brush:

Is this palette overrated? Absolutely not- every color in this palette is awesome, and I wouldn't change a thing.



And my eye look/ F.O.T.D. after trying it for the first time:

I highly recommend this palette. Hopefully it will come back into stock soon!


  1. I still haven't used mines and I got it weeks ago! You really got a great fotd there! I was kinda hoping on getting the brush since I paid $48 vs $44, hope you enjoy the brush!

  2. Janine- is that what it is more expensive? I just thought there was a price increase, but it makes sense that U.D. is charging more for palettes that include a brush.

  3. Yay! You are back... I love the look.. I also love neutral colours but I can't justidy spending on an UD palette after I bought lots of MAC eyeshadows a few days ago and I am slowly becoming intersted in lipgloss and eyebrow products (which I never was before) and on my student budget have to sacrifice something. lol!

  4. Lucie, Lucie... I feel your pain! You definitely have a balanced point of view! I hope you enjoy all of your new MAC eye shadows- I am always excited when I can pick up a handful of those too!