May 11, 2010

My first NARS Eye Shadow Duo: EGEA


Described by NARS as a "frosted sage and smoky lilac", I thought this would be the perfect introduction to the brand, since I tend to gravitate towards cooler-toned light colors to compliment my fair skin. Because the duos are a bit more expensive, I also wanted to pick one that contained two unique, slightly complex colors. I have many different colors of eye shadow in various finishes in my collection, but none quite like this.

Both colors have a fairly frosty finish, although the sage color is a bit more intense in its light reflecting properties. It almost borders on neutral, but is ever so slightly warm. The smoky lilac is definitely cool- toned. Mixed together they create a very unique, pale color that is hard to describe... When paired with other shades of eye shadow, the duo is very chameleon- like, and I think it would work with a lot of colors.

Unfortunately, when I actually wore the duo, I didn't feel that it was complimentary to my skin tone. I was also surprised by how powdery the finish was. I have heard others say that the NARS shadows and blushes are not nearly as creamy as the testers in stores are, so I wasn't totally surprised by this, but I didn't think I would feel as underwhelmed as I do. Another disappointment with this duo is the packaging- no matter how clean I keep my vanity area- seemed to show off any and all traces of makeup, fingerprints, dust... It was impossible to keep clean. I should also say that I tend to prefer using shadows from a custom palette, so reaching for this duo, given my feelings for it, would be somewhat of a chore.

For $32, I wasn't as impressed as I wanted to be. Sadly this went back to Sephora. I'm thinking next time I'll go with a larger pallette from, and see if I have better luck in the future.

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