May 25, 2010

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 Is Not For Me!

In the last month, Laura Mercier's mineral foundation has received a lot of praise from beauty gurus on youtube. I have been happy with my Bare Escentuals foundation, but decided to try this foundation to see if I would prefer it...!

A little about my skin issues:

- I have very very fair skin, and I usually find that most foundations are too yellow or pink for me (even BE foundation falls to either side, but I make do).

- I have a lot of discoloration (inflammation, acne scarring, freckles) that I need to cover.
- My skin texture isn't the greatest... I have some acne scarring and visible pores that I don't want to accentuate with makeup.
- My skin is sensitive.

(the jar is only half filled, so the packaging should be smaller)

To get to the point: I didn't like this foundation at all. Here are the reasons:

1. The color I picked was too little bit too light for me, but I won't be trying another shade for the reasons below...

2. The finish of the foundation just looks ridiculous. It looks like I took a highlighter and applied it over my face... Not a good look. To me there is nothing subtle about the pearl powder in this product- it is noticeable and is not in the least flattering or natural in appearance.
I don't think anyone with even the slightest skin texture issues should go anywhere near this product (as a full on foundation).
3. The packing is cheaply constructed, and is too large for the amount of product that is provided. I know it took Bare Escentuals over 30 years to improve their packaging, but at least they have finally done it!

Bottom line- I just don't like it. It doesn't give me enough coverage (it is a light- to medium coverage foundation), it emphasizes skin texture flaws and looks very unnatural on the skin. I am assuming some of the more medium-tones colors are not as bad as the lighter toned ones (my guess is there is probably less pearl powder in those).

This could be nice as a highlighter, but I think there are better products for the price (and in more convenient packaging) so I don't think it is worthwhile to use this solely for the purpose of highlighting. I will say that the foundation didn't irritate my skin and wore about the same as my BE foundation (as far as lasting power is concerned).

Oh well!

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