May 23, 2011

Wet N Wild Color Icon Customized Neutrals & Colors Palette

It is rare for me to purchase eyeshadow at the drugstore, but I've been really excited to try many of the Wet N Wild Color Icon Shadows since they have received so much praise. One of the reasons I hate drugstore eye shadows is the packaging... So I found a solution and de-potted the pans to create a custom palette!

Using 6 Wet N Wild Color Icon Trios and one Eyeshadow Collection I created a neutrals and colors palette I can't wait to start using!

The WnW Trios and Eyeshadow Collections I used to create this are:

-I'm Getting Sunburned 334
-Silent Treatment 335
-Walking On Eggshells 380 B
-Sweet As Candy 381 B
-Cool As A Cucumber 382 B
-Knock On Wood 383 B
-Don't Steal My Thunder 385 B
-Comfort Zone 780

By glancing at the pans you might think there are several duplicate colors, but when swatched, you'll find subtle variations that make each color special and unique.


I owned the Walking On Eggshells for several months and loved it, and based on my swatching experience I think I will love most, if not all of the colors as much as the ones from my first trio.

What do you think of WnW shadows? Do you hate the packaging too? Or is it worth putting up with for such a great product?

P.S. the photos above were taken with my new camera... in manual mode! I am still learning but hopefully my photos will be improved over time. I'm learning as I've never had a DSLR camera before - and have no photography experience outside of point and shoot cameras. Wish me luck!


  1. ooh great post and great idea I will buy some Wet and Wild trios today thought and I'll do this. Thanks for the post

  2. I only have cool as a cucumber from the trios and I absolutely looooove it! It completely blew me away that it's such great quality! I did I review and a look on my own blog of the set. After seeing a few of your swatches I want to go out and buy more of these trios

  3. How did you depot? Heat method? I want to depot mine but I used rubbing alcohol and cracked some of them (the mattes in my pride palette). I am hesitant to use heat even though I have used that method before. I just don't want a house smelling like burned plastic.

  4. Thank you for your comment! I stopped because I started working for Bare Escentuals corporate and I felt conflicted about the possibility of sharing their products I love if I had gotten them for free- obviously this is common now but 5 years ago ppl might have questioned my integrity. The community has changed since I started in 2008 and for a time I didn't want to be in it as a creator, as the community was over saturated and promoting excessive consumption, but I'm coming back soon with a blog and videos! I want to share more knowledge I have from working in product development and my unique perspective in the community as someone' who's been here since the beginning to see it unfold and also influence big beauty! I hope you will come along for the ride, find me on Instagram under guitarrasara!