May 2, 2009

Custom NYX Tester Palettes

Having recently become a NYX Rep, I wanted to create custom palettes for the tester items I purchased. I purchased several 28- Hole Eye Shadow palettes from, glued in pieces of galvanized steel to make the palette magnetic, and added black foam to the borders to finish each palette.

NYX Eyeshadow Testers, Neutrals/ Naturals:

NYX Eyeshadow Testers, Colors:

Some of the shadows shattered while pulling them out of the NYX packaging. So Sad!! But I am pleased with the finished product.


  1. Love your palettes!

    I'm getting the testers from ebay, and that's a great way of having them more organized :)

  2. Thank you!

    Yes- it was soo much better putting them in the palettes. If you decide to take them out of the NYX packaging, I recommend doing it veeryy slowly! Otherwise some of your shadows might fall apart (like mine!). Also- it took a lot of time, but I labeled all of the colors. That way it is easy to know which color to re-order, and easy to compare a shadow to similar colors beside it.

  3. How are you liking to palettes from this webstire, is it worth the money invested?

  4. Hi Angelica! Totally worth it. I use these palettes for everything, and they make getting ready in the morning so much easier. I am more inclined to switch up my colors because I have so many options to choose from all in one place. I would be lost without palette storage!

  5. Thanks for the help, I ordered but paper palettes came instead. Oh well, I guess I will use them to depot all 26mm eyeshadow. I have heard great things about, so I going to purchase the blush palettes because they are magnatized and are cheaper, plus they have foam inside which should be easier to remove.